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Cannoli making goes back centuries to towns in Italy and Sicily where one family passed down their ways to each generation.  This tradition made the craft special, and intimately tied the family to its community.

Romolo's is no different, currently on our third generation of cannoli maker. Romolo's cannoli are delicate, yet substantial. The ricotta cream is not to sweet nor too grainy. The garnishes compliment the dessert with an enticing first bite.

Cannoli are filled when customers arrive, ensuring the freshest cannoli in the world.


Cannoli shells are made of a dough with cocao, red wine and cinnamon. They are fried in a soy oil, which is healthier than the lard used 500 years ago. We go the extra mile by lining the inside of the shell with guittard chocolate so the cannoli will be crunchier, longer.

The original ricotta cream is spiced with vanilla and citrus. An alternative flavor ricotta filling is offered seasonally to add variety, including pistachio, lemon, chocolate and others. Once filled, cannoli are garnished with pistachios, chocolate chips, toffee and cherries and will be amazing for a day and without needing refrigeration

$6 each, six is $33 @ $5.50 each and a dozen $60 @ $5 each


Mini cannoli are half the size of regular cannoli, because we just cut them in half. Sounds complicated, but its not. You can order one mini cannoli, but expect to get attitude. Minis are great for large groups because they are cost effective and nobody can resist them. If people want two, go ahead. Minis are available with all the options, so go nuts with a variety of fillings, garnishes.

$3.25 each, and 24 minis is $66 or $2.75 each

Mini cannoli perfection 💕.jpg

Cannoli kit is everything you need to fill and serve cannoli. Shells, cream in pastry bags, garnishes to decorate and trays to serve. The pink box can serve as a tray to fill and decorate, and you can even place the finished cannoli back in the box for gifting. The cream is really fresh for one week in the fridge, and the shells are great a bit longer stored at room temperature. The cannoli kit is the most fun way to have cannoli because you made them yourself. You can even make minis! 6pc kit will make 12 minis. There is no extra charge to cannoli kits but 6 is the minimum order.


Ice Cream cannoli are cannoli shells filled with our ice cream and decorated. You don't choose a flavor of ice cream, and then watch us try to smash it into the shell. Alternatively, the ice cream man fills several cannoli of each flavor he makes and decorates them as he pleases. Order of popularity: 1. Vanilla Toffee 2. Coffee Toffee 3. Mint Choc Chip 4. Strawberry Choc Chip 5. Pistachio Toffee 6. Chocolate.  Most customers show up and buy everything we have, so they run out frequently. Yet, you can place an order for you favorite flavors and we will save them for you. 

Ice Cream cannoli priced same at Ricotta.

Come stop by and get our fresh ice cream
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