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Romolo bought a Swenson's Ice Cream parlor back in the sixties when people had huge hair styles and banana splits were eaten between meals. There was no diets or gyms back then and life was good. But things started to change in the 80's when Baskin Robbins made mediocre ice cream and people decided it wasn't worth the calories. In the last decade really good ice cream has made a come back and the old school places like Mitchell's and Birite and getting a run for their money by Salt & Straw and others.


Where does Romolo's ice cream fit into this spectrum? We consider ourselves masters of the classics.  We keep it simple and as good as possible, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and mint are made with the best ingredients you can find. But our signature ice cream flavor is spumoni. Spumoni is pistachio, amaretto and strawberry combined. There are 20 other ingredients but thats the gist. Spumoni accounts for half of our ice cream sales so when you got a cash cow like that, you don't change a thing.

Romolo's does a bunch of specialty items like spumoni wedges, tartufi ice cream surprise dumplings, milkshakes and affogato, which is a scoop of vanilla floating in an espresso.

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